Friday, February 22, 2008

Things #2: What is lib 2.0 at HCC?

Thing #2: The questions asked are, Is Lib 2.0 a collection of ideas, a movement, a revolution, a new educational tool or a little bit of everything and more? Is it something as simple as refurnishing a library? Is it as simple as developing a Library Blog or Facebook page? Is it offering Information Literacy in an Online environment? Is it providing a coffee bar? I say 'yes, it is all of the above and more'. But how will all of the above and more be accomplished?First, the Library must look at its mission, and in my instance, the college's mission. The college's mission states it "provides excellence in lifelong educational and career opportunities in a responsive learning environment". The library must be a responsive agent and address lifelong education and opportunities by incorporating Lib 2.0 concepts. Libraries as repositories of print materials will continue to serve that function. But libraries of the future must embrace technological advances for the users of this millenium. Online education is a critical component in the education of college students. The library must communicate and provide life-long education utilizing this component. Information Literacy (learning about the library and its lib 2.0 capabilities) can provide the excellence in education required in the college's mission statement. An Information Literacy-INFS 1000 online course, the only one of its kind offered in the Northeast Higher Education District of community colleges, is a step in exemplifying and utilizing Lib 2.0 and its concepts.Join the experience.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What is this all about?

Summer 2007, the HCC library installed wireless capability. When fall semester began, new freshman arrived with their personal laptops and asked, "Is the library wireless?" And thus began a new view of how students were going to utilize the library. The numbers grow each day as I observe students bringing personal laptops into the library. Even student workers bring their computers to the circulation desk, instead of using the college networked computer at the circulation desk.

My journey into lib 2.0 must take me to that student using his/her personal laptop. By understanding, experimenting and learning aspects of lib 2.0 and beyond, I will evolve and transform library work.